Sunday Isn't Our Most Miserable Day. It Just Feels That Way.

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We're betting this was a Sunday, too...
Let's face it, if you're not a church-goer Sunday is something of a farce. Sure, if you work a conventional schedule you have the day off -- but the creeping dread of Monday morning is an ever-present companion. That's why a rain-drenched Sunday like yesterday feels like a double-indemnity.

It also feels like every Sunday of late has been an aquatic affair worthy of Esther Williams. And yet, the memory can be fickle. The last two Sundays have indeed been Noah's Ark specials. But a quick look at the data reveals that the last day of the fleeting weekend has been no wetter than any other day.

Wondering if Sunday gloominess was warranted, I looked at the rainfall charts for every day this year -- which is remarkably easy to do.

Here's the breakdown of the heaviest rain days of the year: Three Tuesdays, three Sundays, two Wednesdays, two Fridays. Yesterday's recorded rainfall for the city was 0.92 inches -- one of the heaviest days of the year, true.

But the heaviest day -- by far -- has been 1.57 inches on Tuesday, Jan. 19. That was part of week-long deluge; from Monday the 18th to Thursday the 21st, the recorded precipitation was 0.69, 1.57, 1.18, and 0.99 inches. It didn't rain on any Sunday in January -- and only once in February, and never in March prior to our consecutive Sunday showers here in April.

When it comes to prodigious rainfall, Tuesday's totals outpace Sunday's. But rain on a Sunday feels like you're being cheated. With the exception of Mardi Gras, Tuesday doesn't get much press. But rain on Mardi Gras? That would get people moping.

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