Safety Czar's Hasty Departure May Not Be Slam on Muni

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This looks like a job for Jim Dougherty...
Jim Dougherty is the latest Muni official to sing Groucho's Captain Spalding song: "Hello, I must be going. ... I'm glad I came, but just the same, I must be going!"

After barely a year on the job as Muni's chief safety officer, Dougherty is headed to fill a similar position with Washington, D.C. Metro. It's easy to portray this as an earnest professional tossing up his hands at the vast wasteland that is Muni and gettin' out while the gettin' is good.

Too easy, according to SF Weekly's calls to the agency. While messages for Dougherty haven't yet been returned, other sources within Muni we talked to didn't see this as a rats-leaving-the-ship moment. Instead, they portrayed it as a good career move.

Yes, we love San Francisco -- but not everyone sees this as Eden. Dougherty, the former safety head for the Charlotte, N.C. transit agency is an East Coast guy. He has East Coast family. Now he'll be closer to them.

He's also taking a purportedly more lucrative job at a bigger agency.

So, let's add that up: Family? Check. More money? Check. Bigger job? Check.

Sorry San Francisco. We'll always have Paris Street.

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