Ron Dellums Breaks Promise to Take Pay Cut

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Even Democratic Socialists like money.

How's this for great leadership: In June, Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums publicly promised to take a 10 percent pay cut, then privately kept collecting his full pay. His excuse: It was just a really inconvenient time to make less money.

According to news reports, a statement issued by Dellums' office said only that "changed family circumstances following the death of a close family member made it (taking the pay cut) impossible." 

Oddly, Dellums' own spokesman wasn't sure which dead family member the mayor was referring to.

Annother possible reason it might be a bad time for Dellums to take a pay cut: He and his wife owe $239,000 to the IRS in back taxes.

But hey, we totally get it, Mayor Dellums. We seriously do not know how anyone can get by on $280,000 a year (including a $100K Congressional pension).

We're sure the people of Oakland all understand what a sacrifice you made just agreeing to be mayor of their shitty city. No need to actually feel their pain in your own wallet. 


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