On the Bus, With an Apple on His Head ... Chris Daly?

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Our devoted readers may remember the day we ran into Gerard Depardieu on the Muni. Well, not really. But, seriously, check it out: That's more than a passing resemblance.

In much the same way, we thought we saw Supervisor Chris Daly guest-starring in an ad for the city's health care program (and so did the people sitting near us). I'd love to share a bus ride with Daly; if anyone's going to stand up to the ingrate spitting sunflower seeds on the seats and floor, it would be him.

Here's the ad:


And here's the real Daly:


Incidentally, we phoned Daly's office to ask if he's been moonlighting as the nose, eyes, and red apple for an in-house city ad. Legislative aide April Veneracion said he has not -- so far as she knows.

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