So the Next iPhone Walks Into a Bar...

Pic via Gizmodo
Depending on whom you ask, the phone prototype was lost/stolen at a bar in Redwood City

And the bartender asks, "Why the long interface?"

If you've got any kind of a hard-on for Apple, you woke up today to the most glorious morning boner in the history of gadget blogging. Thanks to the folks at local blog Gizmodo, we all know what the iPhone OS 4 looks like. In summary: a longer interface, front camera, and some kind of ceramic backing.

Apparently Gawker impressario Nick Dention paid a bargain basement price of $5,000 plus traffic bonus for the story, as well as the bragging rights to 800,000 pageviews in the first hour of Gizmodo's huge Apple scoop.

And like most men with boners, it seems like Denton subsequently let his dick do the talking, gushing over pageviews when he's just switched over his entire company to unique visits. When asked why he reverted back to a metric he railed so vehemently against, Denton told the SF Weekly via e-mail:

Problem is total unique numbers only get published by Quantcast two days later! On that one piece it's 1m new visitors -- but I don't know what the total site uniques are today and won't.
Yeah, sure: But from a business standpoint, this uncharacteristic bravado is a stupid move. Website pageview spikes are a bitch to sell ads into, because, after some point, everything turns into remnant ads. And Gawker doesn't sell remnants.

So if this isn't about serious business, what gives? Well, the Engadget vs. Gizmodo pissing contest for one.

So an iPhone walks into a bar, and Nick Denton pulls out his wallet...


Update: The identity of the Apple engineer who launched a thousand fan boy clicks, Gary Powell, has been revealed. And he's on Twitter.

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