Did S.F. Women's Group Endorse Newsom (S.F.) or Hahn (Woman) for Lt. Gov?

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You could call it a political incubator. With would-be lieutenant governor Mayor Gavin Newsom recently trotting out an endorsement from Sen. Dianne Feinstein (female, much gravitas statewide) and opponent Janice Hahn trotting out a "survey" claiming Newsom's whiteness, maleness, and San Francisco-ness is a detriment -- who would a San Francisco women's political group endorse?

That's the position the San Francisco Women's Political Committee found itself in. On the one hand, Newsom is the local guy. But, then, he is a guy. What to do?

After coming to a consensus during an endorsement meeting held last night at a wine bar (an idea whose time has come!) the committee held off announcing its endorsement until that candidate was notified, said SFWPC board vice president Catalina Ruiz-Healy.

So, did the Women's Polical Committee go with the home team. Yes. Sort of.

Ruiz-Healy today announced that Hahn received "a definitive win" in the endorsement process, but would not reveal exactly what percentage constituted "definitive." But Newsom lost by plenty, that much is clear.*

Not your room, Gavin
Then again, it appears this wasn't a contest he ever had a chance to win; he simply has too many Y-chromosomes. When asked if the Women's Political Committee would have endorsed Newsom if it had been Jimmy Hahn running against him and not the former L.A. mayor's sister, Janice, Ruiz-Healy quickly agreed Gavin would have almost certainly received the nod. "We've always endorsed" Newsom, she said. "So, probably."

Yet while Newsom can console himself by arguing only swapping out his reproductive organs would have won him this particular endorsement, it's a loss he had to absorb personally. He dropped in on last night's meeting, delivering "an impassioned plea to the members for their support" according to a near-instantaneous crowing release put out by Hahn's people.

Hahn, meanwhile, was represented by her second cousin -- second cousin! -- who, apparently, did not make so impassioned a plea. Or need to.

*While closed-mouthed about the tally on the phone, the SFWPC on its Web page announced Hahn took 62 percent of the vote.

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