Newsom Doesn't Get Dem Endorsement -- But He's Still Looking Pretty

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A nice weekend for San Francisco's erstwhile mayor
Mayor Gavin Newsom put on a charm offensive at this weekend's state Democratic Party Convention, hoping to win the official endorsement for lieutenant governor. He didn't get it -- but he still left in a commanding position in his quest to leave San Francisco politics and attain higher office.

Newsom picked up 52 percent of delegates' votes, easily outpacing opponent Janice Hahn's 42.6 percent -- but falling short of the 60 percent threshold for winning party endorsement. 

But that's okay -- he has the endorsements of scads of party luminaries, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and, for that matter, Rep. Barbara Lee (Does Barbara Lee still speak for me, bumper sticker people?). Perhaps most importantly, he picked up the nod from the California Teachers Association, a union as vital to the Democrats as groundhogs are to the economy of Punxsutawney, Penn.

Crucially for Newsom, Hahn did not pick up the endorsement -- and right in her hometown, too. That leaves Newsom's momentum intact -- and his fund-raising likely won't be dented. Pundits predicting a Newsom walkover in the primary see no reason to hedge their bets.

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