More Newlywed Wives Cheating on Husbands, Says Cheater Networking Site

A typical San Francisco newlywed?
Are you a newlywed San Francisco woman itching to have your bodice ripped off by a dude who's not your husband? If so, never fear -- you're not alone, according to data released by cheater-enabling website

This city -- following a nationwide trend -- has seen an explosion of interest in extramarital affairs among females who have been married less than three years, according to new data from, a website that helps married folks cheat on their spouses.

According to a release from Avid Life Media, the parent company of, the number of newlywed women signed up for the infidelity service in San Francisco skyrocketed from 284 in April 2009 to 846 this month. While the site's overall local membership grew by 63 percent, female newlywed membership went up 198 percent.

What's behind this trend? We called Biderman to find out. Apparently, newlywed women all over the place are feeling randy.

"It's not just in San Francisco," Biderman said. "It's a trend that seems to be picking up of late. I'm trying to get my head around it."

Biderman said the site also appeals to just-hitched women who find themselves disappointed with married life and want to reach out to, um, peers in the same situation. "Ashley Madison almost becomes a social network for cheaters," he said. "It becomes a resource for these people."

What can you say? Apparently, good men in San Francisco are still hard to find.

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