More Disasters Plague S.F. Crime Lab

A feral cat devours crime lab evidence.
Over the weekend, the Chron reported that a band of feral cats has taken over part of the beleagured crime lab. You might be thinking things couldn't get much worse around there, but as it turns out, a series of additional, heartbreaking SNAFUs recently occurred:

  • A Muni bus crashed into it.
  • Jennifer Siebel Newsom held a mud wrestling competition but forgot the mud, so everyone wrestled in crime evidence.
  • The San Francisco Bay Guardian filed a lawsuit against it. 
  • With nothing better to do, Aaron Peskin showed up in a Speedo and wrecked the place, Tasmanian devil-style.
  • Because it was raining Sunday, the Giants' game was moved inside the lab (on the plus side, though, everyone loved the inaugural Free Cocaine Day).
  • A tiger escaped from the zoo and mauled some evidence -- including evidence implicating said tiger in several prior maulings.
  • Septuagenarian Carol Doda revived her striptease act on top of a lab table.
  • The sea lions from Pier 39 showed up and had a turf war with the feral cats.
  • Chris Daly bought it, evicted everyone, and converted it into an investment property.
  • Another Muni bus crashed into it.
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