Extreme Bargain Hunting at Giants Dugout Store

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When a big-, moderate-, or even small-time Giants player washes out, it's bad news for him and his fans. But for you -- it's a bargain in disguise. We've written in the past about the team's dugout store marking outfielder Marquis Grissom's paraphernalia down to the price of a breakfast snack the day the team unceremoniously released him.

A quick perusal of the AT&T Park store's current bargain rack revealed that there are any number of steals to be had by the fan who doesn't give a whit what name is on the back of his or her jersey, so long as it reads "Giants" across the front.

Exhibits A and B, pictured above were these $10 Ryan Garko and Kevin Frandsen shirts. Garko batted .235 in 40 quiet games for the team last year and is now riding the pine for the Texas Rangers (perhaps more notably, he looked like the missing Zito brother. I like to call him "Biff Zito."). Frandsen, meanwhile, is a local guy who just never managed to latch on with the Giants and was traded during spring training to the Boston Red Sox for three magic beans.

Exhibits C and D are Randy Winn and Dave Roberts shirts (also $10). Winn had some pretty damn good seasons for the team -- but played during an era of Giants futility, so it's hard to recall any Great Randy Winn Moments. Roberts, meanwhile, will never have to buy a drink in the city of Boston for the rest of his life. But he did little here in San Francisco. At 10 bucks apiece for their shirts, you, too, can emulate Giants General Manager Brian Sabean and overpay for an aging veteran.

But here's the coup de grâce: A game-worn Ryan Garko pre-game warmup!


This beauty has been marked down from $250 to $125 to $60. And they've got a lot of them, so you can play the odds it'll be marked down again.

You can also pick up game-worn pregame duds from fellow Giants luminaries Steve Holm, Waldis Joaquin, Billy Sadler, and others. Perhaps the No. 1 selling point for these jerseys: No names on back.

How low can Garko's jersey go?

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