Maxim Magazine Compares Mission's Dynamo Donuts to Sarah Palin

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Suffice to say, leaps of logic are nothing new to Maxim magazine, a publication that amounts to the male version of Cosmo: shopping, dieting, and absurd sex tips with a hot girl on the front and a plethora of ads for penis pills and creams in the back.

But an article in the May issue rounding up all the best doughnuts to be had in the United States gave us pause. Included on the list is hometown favorite, Dynamo Donuts, the popular Mission district destination that sells gourmet versions of the cop-friendly snack and almost always boasts a line down the block. The inclusion of Dynamo on the list isn't surprising. Maxim's bizarre choice to compare the shop's chocolate spiced doughnut to everyone's favorite former governor of Alaska is:

"Meet the Sarah Palin of donuts: hot, sassy, and polarizing...Not a donut for the faint of heart-- or stomach, for that matter. Kind of like Palin herself."

Well, fair enough. We'll give you the hot and sassy, Maxim magazine (inasmuch as a doughnut can be sassy, we suppose the spiced chocolate qualifies). But as for polarizing, we're pretty sure there haven't been any heated arguments cropping up around this particular doughnut, whose spiciness is understated (something you can't really say about the woman who told America that health care reform would result in grandmas being euthanized like dogs at the pound.)

The only explanation for the nonsensical comparison is that Maxim writers receive bonuses for referencing Palin. (Or maybe they just get bonuses for making any kind of heavy-handed joke about a woman in the public sphere? The preceding plug for a bacon-maple doughnut in Chicago claims that it'll "tame an Oprah-sized hunger." Har de har har!). 

Maybe next week's issue will contain forced juxtapositions involving men's underwear ("supportive and made out of cotton, like Sarah Palin") and vacation destinations ("great exchange rate and easy-to-use transportation, like Sarah Palin.")
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