Metreon Manager's Ruse Turns Into 'Office Space' Gone Bad

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We're thinking Mark Wahlberg for the big screen?
Kenneth Rae Kintsley perhaps took Office Space a little too much to heart,  deciding to get revenge on his faceless corporate employer by skimming its profits through some computer hijinks. Unfortunately for Kintsley, a former manager at the Metreon, his pranks weren't covered up by the place burning down, the way Peter Gibbons lucked out in the movie. Actually Kintsley's tale has a slightly more disheartening message: The corporation always wins.

In the epilogue, so did the district attorney. A San Francisco jury found Kintsley guilty of embezzling over $300,000 on Thursday.

Kintsley's plan was just genius enough to work for three years, starting in 2001. (Office Space came out in 1999. We're on to something here!) Imagine what he thought he was getting away with as he padded into the hulking theater at Fourth and Mission to work as the house manager each day. It wasn't just the unlimited butter popcorn -- he made off with plenty of bread, too. Kintsley was in charge of maintaining the daily receipts for the theater. From 2001 to the beginning of 2004, he squirreled some of the money away for himself while erasing his tracks by altering computer entries as voided/refunded tickets and canceled deposits.

Kintsley filed false tax returns to hide the profits. But in 2004, an internal Metreon audit identified irregularities (cue accountant: "Hmm....That's a whole lot of people who decided against seeing Chicago") and the Metreon launched an investigation. They discovered Kintsley's ruse, contacted the police, and it all went downhill from there.  

The jury found him guilty of 11 felonies, which qualifies him for 7years, 8 months in prison. Time will tell if Kintsley has also been studying Shawshank Redemption

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