It's Your Friday Morning News Quiz -- Win 'Hot Tub Time Machine' CD

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Meanwhile, down at the crime lab...
Our well-placed sources tell us they were disappointed with Hot Tub Time Machine. But the soundtrack? Awesome. You can win it if you're the first to answer all the questions correctly and send me the answers.

1. Why did the city of San Francisco sue Rehab Financial Corporation this week?

A. The company did not pay transfer taxes when moving from one location to another
B. The company allegedly emptied a city bank account containing $1 million
C. The company refused to provide health care to its employees, in violation of city law
D. The company fired a worker who it discovered was transgendered.

2. Which of these terms was discovered within the Attorney General's audit of San Francisco's beyond-fucked up crime lab?

A. "Unsecured cardboard box"
B. "Bicycle messenger party"
C. "Oxycontin factory"
D. "Petty cash-like situation"

3. Police this week successfully talked a would-be jumper down from what little-known area span?

A. The Third Street Bridge
B. The pedestrian overpass on Geary and Webster
C. The Illinois Street Bridge
D. The 23rd Street overpass of Highway 101

4. What is true about all three victims of mob beating attacks along the T-Third line?

A. They were all homeless
B. They were all Mormon missionaries
C. They were all Asian
D. They were all prostitutes

5. What about Sarah Palin's scheduled speech at CSU Stanislaus has State Sen. Leland Yee up in arms?

A. Palin can't spell "Stanislaus"
B. Organizers plan on making the event into a religious revival meeting -- on campus
C. It's his alma mater and he thinks it looks bad
D. Organizers won't disclose her appearance fee.



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