Is Steaks-In-The-Jacket Man Same as Gin-and-Juice-Down-The-Pants Man?

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And it fits in your jacket. How convenient!
Readers may recall an alleged thief earlier this month re-enacting the Snoop Dogg canon -- in his pants. A security guard at the Safeway in the Outer Mission looked on as a man made a beeline toward the liquor aisle, shoved a bottle of gin down his trousers, then squeezed in a container of orange juice as well.

Last week, the Safeway experienced an attempted theft by a man using very much the same M.O. A guard detained a man he recognized from prior shoplifting incidents at branches of the grocery store, according to a subsequent police writeup. After the man made a beeline to the meat aisle and slipped a couple of packets of meat into his jacket, he was quickly arrested by the guard.

After police arrived, he quickly admitted he's entered the Safeway solely "to steal steaks." Just as was the case with Gin-and-Juice-Pants, Mr. Steak-Jacket had no money whatsoever to potentially pay for his groceries. So, the question remains -- are these men one and the same?

Our calls to the San Francisco Police Department could not turn up the answer as of press time. And yet, the identical M.O.s, the eerily similar manner in which the reports were written -- even duplicating some vocabulary ... we get a feeling about this.

There are lots of people who shove goods down their pants or into their armpits in this city. We're eclectic. So what are the odds these men are a match? How does 5-to-1 sound? Any takers -- you know, if gambling were legal?

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