Look at This Fucking Hipster Engagement Ring

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See, my problem with diamonds is that they aren't FUZZY...
So this nice guy I met once at a Stanford frat wanted to propose to his girlfriend. But he had a problem: His fiancee didn't like diamonds. Maybe not such a problem, you say, especially in these times, but still, he faced a certain crisis of the imagination.

So he decided to propose using a silver pipe-cleaner.

And then give his fiancee a new ring every day.

And blog about it.

Thus, we have ARingADay.com, which might have been named, Look at This Fucking Hipster Engagement Ring, except, well, it's pretty adorable.

Some day I'll repeat this story: yes, kids, back in the Great Millennial Recession, things were tough. Instead of diamonds, we just had pipe cleaners. And occasionally some yarn. But we didn't mind. We were simple and clever and happy, and we blogged a lot. What's a blog? Well, kids...
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