Fake Bruce Brugmann Joins Twitter; Is Drunk, Bossy

Who's behind @Bossy_Brugmann?

Once upon a time, if you wanted to roast your newspaper editor, you would make a drunken speech at an office party or draw a funny cartoon. But that was back in the bad old days, before fake Twitter accounts created the perfect medium for a constant stream of homage/mockery.

For instance: @Bossy_Brugmann. This simulacrum of Bay Guardian editor Bruce Brugmann is drunken, outrageous, rails against Village Voice Media executive editor Mike Lacey, and aims to "smother all local media" with his "death wings."

Remember, this is not the real  Bruce Brugmann. 
Who's responsible for Brugmann's Twitter twin? Not us, for starters. You might check @Bossy_Brugmann's followers if you want to make an educated guess.  It takes a lot of skill, affection, and inside knowledge to make a really compelling fake Twitter stream. (Uptown Almanac describes the Fake Brugmann feed as "comedy gold.") We'll see how @Bossy measures up.

The gold standard of epic fake news editors on Twitter is, of course, legendary New York Observer editor Peter Kaplan, whose twin doppelgangers,  @wise_kaplan and @crankykaplan, post incessantly, and to great acclaim. ("Wise"  has less than 600 followers; "Cranky", more than 1300.)

There appear to be some common themes in the emergent art form of fake newspaper editor Twitter feed. For instance, @crankykaplan tweets: "DAINTY MEDIA ASSHOLE GUYS I'M HAVING LUNCH WITH ACTING LIKE THEY NEVER SAW ANYONE DRINK 5 SMALL GINS BEFORE THE APPETIZER."

For the record:there is no fake Twitter feed for Mike Lacey,  but there is one for SF Weekly managing editor @WillHarperSF.

Oh, wait--that's really him.

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