Disclosing Your Love of Drugs and Porn on Facebook Now Worse Idea than Ever

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Facebook now allows its users to embarrass themselves more effectively than ever!
Remember -- it ain't a secret if it's between you, your friends, and millions of Internet voyeurs.

So, your job at the Wienerschnitzel, hobby of cultivating vast quantities of Marijuana, and deep appreciation for the work of John C. Holmes -- which you noted on your Facebook profile -- are now no longer a private matter. On Monday, the social networking site altered user profiles in a manner that allows more prying eyes to get a gander at what you're up to. Users' cities of residence, hometowns, educations, jobs, and, perhaps most damningly, "likes and interests" are now deemed "connections" and will be viewable by all, whether you like it or not.

This move drew a quick rebuke from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which portrayed the move as a boon for data miners and targeted advertisers, as well as a potentially sticky situation for people who'd rather the known world not be privy to their political beliefs, leisure time activities, sexuality, or place of residence. Remember, your boss reads your Facebook page. So does your mom.

Wouldn't let that slip out in a job interview ... so why's it on the Web?
While it may seem like cultural jury duty, there is currently no regulation enshrined in law mandating residents of this nation possess a Facebook page. Accordingly, your options, should you object to this policy, are rather stark.

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