Dugg: Jay Adelson, Co-Founder of Digg, Out the Door

Jay Adelson
"There can be only one" is a hell of a line -- best one Highlander had. But you don't get to say it all that often in real life. But, then, you and I aren't high-stakes San Francisco Web movers and shakers.

So while many users of the popular San Francisco-based site Digg may have spat up their coffee when founder Jay Adelson today announced he was movingg alongg, the good folks at TechCrunch were not surprised.

In an article today, writer Michael Arrington recalled a seminal conversation he'd had with Digg co-founder Kevin Rose in recent months: "'One of us will leave the company,' he told me, venting some frustration he had with Jay."

There can be only one -- and that one appears to be Kevin Rose. Digg's board has apparently made its choice: Adelson is out and Rose is now acting CEO.
  With that backstory, today's move makes sense. But, as the TechCrunch article notes, despite whatever problems Digg was having internally, it was still a profitable company. But personal clashes often transcend the spreadsheets; Sorry Rodney King, we can't all just get along.

In the meantime, Adelson, according to his Twitter feed, is preoccupied removing candy from his children's teeth.

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