Charges Dismissed Against Alleged Assailant In Yelp Death Match

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Wait, I'm dropping the charges!

You may recall the struggle that erupted months back after a bookstore owner crashed the house of a Yelper who'd given her store a bad review. The Yelper, Sean C., claims Diane Goodman, the owner of Ocean Avenue Books, barged into his house without invitation, at which point the two locked in a struggle until she slipped on the doormat, giving Sean time to slam the door shut. Goodman claimed that Sean C. rushed her and they toppled down the steps.

Whatever happened, the struggle got some major play in Inc. Magazine's feature on Yelp in February, featuring a made-over Goodman grinning for the camera. Goodman also issued an apology on the bookstore Web site.   

Now it appears Goodman is off the hook. Sean C. said he wasn't interested in going forward with the battery charge since Goodman hasn't made any more attempts to contact him, and the case was dismissed in San Francisco Superior Court in mid-March. Sean C. says he didn't want to miss the work time it would have taken to go to trial, but the district attorney "made it clear to her that she should leave me alone or else they would come after her with the full force of the law," he wrote SF Weekly in an e-mail.

Goodman's public defender, Prithika Balakrishnan, said she had subpoenaed Yelp records to see if messages left on the site against the bookstore from another Yelper's account were traceable back to Sean C.'s computer, but they were not.

Meanwhile, Sean C. goes on his yelping way, slamming a dentist in West Portal with a one-star review Monday, and talking about how he picked up some ammo at High Bridge Arms gun shop in the Mission. He writes: "I remember years ago being able to walk out of the old gun shop at 2nd and Minna with an AK-47 and case of ammo  (no waiting period) --  those were the good days!"

Let's hope the dentist doesn't go after him. It could get ugly. 
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