Calling for Arizona Boycott Now the Politically Hip Thing to Do

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Back on Monday morning, SF Weekly was the first to confirm that David Campos would introduce an Arizona boycott measure at the Board of Supervisors meeting due to that state's draconian new immigration policy. Since that time, however, Campos has been trampled by a cavalcade of other city and state politicians hopping on the boycott bandwagon.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera gets credit for being the first to send out a press release calling for a boycott -- and many media accounts have since put him at the head of the boycott brigade. Not to question Herrera's heartfelt motives -- but this definitely is a political winner for a likely progressive mayoral candidate.

Herrera appears to have paid Gavin Newsom the same courtesy the mayor did in unilaterally releasing Herrera's memo underlining the flaws of San Francisco's sanctuary city policy. That is, the city attorney didn't talk to the mayor before offering up his city department's services as the legal clearinghouse for boycott central (it appears he didn't talk to Campos, either; the Mission District supervisor may be the only prominent local politico pushing a boycott who isn't angling for higher office in the near future).

Newsom was none too pleased with all this boycott talk on Monday. But, come Tuesday -- what a difference a day makes. He was already barring city employees from traveling to the Grand Canyon State and putting together a task force to work on his own version of a boycott.   

Could this have something to do with his rival in the race for lieutenant governor, Janice Hahn, calling for a Los Angeles boycott of Arizona? Hmmmm -- could be!

As politicos around the state of California spring into action, it figures that it may become more difficult politically to explain why one isn't boycotting Arizona than why one is. Will this actually lead to better lives for the immigrant population of Arizona? Hard to say. But it figures to definitely improve the lot of the political population of California.

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