Here it Is: San Francisco's Arizona Boycott Resolution

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H.I. McDunnough and the rest of Arizona can look forward to a boycott from the city of San Francisco. Unless, you know, it's costly and a pain in the ass.
Supervisor David Campos' resolution to boycott the state of Arizona due to its harsh new immigration law, SB 1070, keeps it short and sweet. Two-and-a-half pages of whereases and then a few punchy statements at the end.

This isn't exactly a fire-and-brimstone bit of legislation crafted with great vengeance and furious anger. For example, it stipulates that San Francisco shun Arizona -- but not if it's against the law. Or expensive.

Case in point:

RESOLVED, That unless and until Arizona rescinds SB 1070, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors urges City Departments (1) to the extent practicable, and in instances where there is no significant additional cost to the City nor conflict with law, to refrain from entering into any new or amended contracts to purchase goods or services from any company that is headquartered in Arizona, (2) to avoid sending City officials or employees to conferences in Arizona, and (3) to review existing contracts for the purchase of goods and services with companies headquartered in Arizona and explore opportunities to discontinue those contracts consistent with the terms of those contracts and principles of fiscal responsibility...

If you're scoring at home, that's three modifiers before the directive to not do business with the Grand Canyon State. Then the resolution moves on to things it really has no power to do anything about except, well, write resolutions: 

FURTHER RESOLVED, That unless and until Arizona rescinds SB 1070 the Board of Supervisors encourages private San Francisco based businesses to refrain from doing business with the State of Arizona or holding or participating in any conventions or conferences in Arizona, and also urges San Francisco private citizens to avoid engaging in tourism in the State of Arizona...
So, you've been told. Meanwhile, Mayor Gavin Newsom yesterday made the above binding and official for city workers on city business, an effort Campos' office told SF Weekly the supervisor "welcomes."

Finally, Campos' resolution -- co-sponsored by every progressive plus Bevan Dufty, so you know it'll pass -- calls on every professional and collegiate sporting organization to avoid the state of Arizona. It also commands the clerk of the board to send a copy of the resolution to the governor of Arizona and the commissioners of the National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball; and the President of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Perhaps it should urge them to recycle the envelope and not throw it away.

Read the entire resolution here:

Resolution Arizona SB1070.doc

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