Bookie Site Lays Odds on Controversial Arizona Immigration Law

Can I get some action here?
If the 9-11 tragedy didn't prove Americans' indomitable will and heroic ability -- to make a buck off anything, this will. The bookmaking site has commenced laying odds and taking bets related to the controversial Arizona immigration law that inspired San Francisco's quasi-boycott.

And, according to the oddsmakers, the chances anyone steps up and does a damn thing about Arizona's new law are are exceedingly low.

For example, per the oddsmakers:

Will the Federal Government challenge the constitutionality of Arizona's
new immigration law?

Yes      +300     (25%)

No        -500      (83%)
What does this mean? It means folks who make their living playing the odds don't foresee the feds doing much. If you bet $100 that the Obama administration will challenge the constitutionality of Arizona's SB 1070 -- and it does -- you get back a total payout of $400 for an eventuality the bookies feel there's a 25 percent chance of occurring (That's $300 won plus your original $100 wager, by the way).

If you bet 100 bucks that Obama won't do squat -- and that's how it turns out -- you get back a total payout of $120; you have to bet $100 to make $20. The oddsmakers think there's an 83 percent chance this will happen. Get it? Good. Here's some more odds:

Will Major League Baseball pull the 2011 All Star Game out of Arizona in
protest of the state's new immigration law?

Yes      +200     (33%)

No        -400      (80%)

Will any Hispanic MLB player boycott the 2011 All Star game should
Arizona's tough immigration continue to stand?

Yes      +200     (33%)

No        -300      (75%)

Will House succeed in passing an immigration reform bill before November
mid-term elections?

Yes      +200     (33%)

No        -300      (75%)

By the way, if you're looking to do a teaser on Arizona's immigration law and the Pope resigning due to his molestation cover-up -- you're out of luck. The bookie site's PR people told SF Weekly that the molestation scandal was "a little too risky" to touch.

What were the odds of that answer? 

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