Barry Zito Gets No Love on Caltrain

Joe Eskenazi
Barry's Caltrain dis...
Sports fans -- and public rail enthusiasts -- may have heard how larger-than-life images of San Francisco Giants' stars are now gracing Caltrains' gallery cars.

It remains to be seen if this will put more derrieres in AT&T Park's seats -- but it's a wonderfully executed promotion. No better way to make Caltrain look fast than an image of Tim Lincecum in mid-delivery. There are also great shots of Pablo Sandoval, Brian Wilson, Aaron Rowand, and ... who is that?

Joe Eskenazi
We have it on good authority that Barry Zito throws faster than Caltrain...
Why, it's Barry Zito, the Giants' $126 million No. 4 starter. Only you'd never know, because the emergency window removal panel has been placed right over his face.

Is this a reference to how the Giants might like to pop open and flee Zito's massive, ill-conceived contract? Nah. To paraphrase Freud, "Sometimes an emergency window removal panel is just an emergency window removal panel."

Joe Eskenazi
Rowand, Lincecum, and the Giants Express

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