AT&T Park Coke Bottle Gets a New Twist

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The pause that refreshes...
Mission Bay has an anticipatory buzz going on; you can't help but recall that waiting to be picked up for prom/going to McDonald's in a tux or lavender gown/going bowling afterward feeling.

Hey, Friday is opening day at home.

And the last thing you'd want on opening day is an imperfect mega-Coke bottle, right? That goes without saying. So, as part of its last-minute touch-ups before he honks the horn of his Dad's '67 Impala and the Giants skip downstairs and run out to begin the season, the franchise sent a couple of burly gents to clamber over the bottle like ninjas. If the Giants are going to get sued because of horrible Coke bottle accidents -- they're going to look good while being served those papers.

When asked what, exactly, was the matter with the Coke Bottle slide of old, a Giants staffer on the scene explained lighting and wiring was being replaced. Our calls to the team for further explanation didn't turn up anyone who, A. Knew, or; B. Would call us back. While walking past the stadium, however, we did notice the bottle is now equipped with hundreds of randomly blinking lights recalling the blizzard of flashbulbs that used to erupt whenever Barry Bonds strode to the plate. If those were there before, it eluded me. (NOTE: It has been pointed out that these lights are not a new addition. Fair enough. But, it seems, these are new lights).

Meanwhile, the staffer in the parking lot also politely asked your humble narrator to kindly move to one side so as to avoid being sent sprawling by a German automobile with a peace sign-flashing Giants outfielder in the passenger's seat and a stunning woman behind the wheel whose platinum hair was of a color legally mandated of baseball players' wives and girlfriends.

Thanks to him.

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