Union Boss' Answer to Public Sector Vastly Outearning Private: Get Better Union!

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This morning, the San Francisco Chronicle reported the fact that one-third of the city's employees make $100,000 or more each year. All the way at the bottom of the story came the small fact that those working in in the city's public sector earn an average of 20 percent more than those in the private.

That's pretty eye-catching -- but the problem isn't that city workers are overpaid, says Bob Muscat, the head of the Professional and Technical Engineers Local 21. Instead, it's that the private sector is underpaid, he continued.

"Private sector employees should get a message that if they organized, they could increase their salaries and benefits," he said. "I think the private sector is falling behind." 

In Muscat's perfect world, it seems everyone would be part of a union, and the recession would not affect employees in the public or private sectors. Where do we sign up?

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