Hey, 43,306 San Franciscans: You Could Win Free TransLink Card!

Yours! Yours for the taking! Uh, with caveats...
Folks, do you want to save the world? YESSSSS! Do you want to be given free stuff? YESSSSS! And do you want to punch the clock each day in San Mateo County? Do you? Hello? Hello?

Sorry San Francisco worker bees -- you'll have to get your handout elsewhere. But half of San Mateo County's labor force leaves work every day and commutes home to another county. And, according to the latest census data, 43,306 San Franciscans toil in San Mateo each day. Now's your chance to make it worth your while.

Commuters working in San Mateo County are eligible for 500 $10 TransLink cards being offered by the Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance -- which managed to be the first group to snag the Web address Commute.org, by the way.

Peninsula-bound workin' stiffs can fill out this form, pledging they'll use public transit during Earth Week (April 19-23) -- and the $10 card is ostensibly theirs.

Christine Maley-Grubl, the executive director of the Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance, said that about a dozen of the 500 cards have been scooped up since the offer was initiated this morning.

According to the aforementioned census data, 352,260 people work in San Mateo County. So -- time's a wasting.

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