Terrible Drivers Unleashed on Lombard Street

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I don't have cable, and own a barely functioning digital converter. So despite my great love for pop culture (the day all the illegally uploaded Full House episodes were wiped from YouTube was cause for mourning at my domicile) there are gaps in my knowledge of current TV.

I stumbled across this particular video when doing a keyword search for "San Francisco" on YouTube. It's a clip of a new reality TV show called America's Worst Drivers which is basically exactly what it sounds like. Every week the show visits a different city and enlists its "worst drivers" to pilot a car under unusual circumstances. Like driving down Lombard street with a passenger who's holding a whole tea service filled with piping hot beverages. San Francisco is actually the premier destination, probably because of the almost mythical fear that outsiders have of city driving. (The hills, my God, the hills!)

The truly troubling element about the video is not the drivers' inability to navigate Lombard -- which most locals would rarely drive down anyway, and whose novelty has long worn off (OMG TWISTY) -- but the far more common errors captured on film. For example, take the driver who blithely lurches into a pedestrian's pathway. Seriously, people, we know who you are now. Cut it out.

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