Supe Candidate Says She's No Ed Jew, Will Show City 'My Underwear Drawer'

Elaine Zamora
District 6 Supervisorial candidate Elaine Zamora moments ago confirmed the Ethics Commission is investigating whether she truly lives within the boundaries of District 6. In fact, the Ethics Commission knocked on the door while we were on the phone with Zamora, who told us she was prepared to show them "I really live here, they can see my underwear drawer."

The Ethics Commission's investigation was based upon allegations that Zamora's place of residence, 118 Jones Street, is really her law office -- and she lives in District 8. Zamora said she and her husband, Joe, have lived in the Tenderloin building since January of 2008. The building had housed her law firm until her 2006 retirement and "I decided since I was in the Tenderloin 24/7 I'd move in here," says Zamora, the district manager for the North of Market/Tenderloin Comunity Benefit Corporation. She says her prior residence is currently occupied by tenants.

In addition to her culottes, Zamora was willing to show the Ethics Commission her utility bills, insurance forms, garbage bills, and other documents establishing residence.

Exactly how the Ethics Commission came to be photographing Zamora's bathroom, closet, and laundry room is uncertain -- and the commission is not at liberty to give away confidential details. But Zamora points a finger at rival D-6 candidate David Villa-Lobos.

Villa-Lobos hasn't yet returned SF Weekly's messages, but he did circulate an e-mail titled "D6 Candidate Elaine Zamora May Be Pulling an Ed Jew" this week, making allegations against Zamora and claiming he was contacted out of the blue by the Ethics Commission. He earlier sent the Ethics Commission e-mails -- which he then publicized -- complaining Zamora was posting illegal signs in the neighborhood, and offering to personally hand-deliver examples of the offending signs to the Ethics Commission.

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