Definition of the Word 'Incidental' To Determine Zeitgeist Smokers' Fate

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We informed you yesterday that the Zeitgeist outdoor patio, perhaps San Francisco's most appropriate place to slowly get cancer, might have to go smoke-free under the new extension of the smoking ban.

Today, we got a call back from Alyonik Hrushow, the director of the Tobacco Free Project with the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Hrushow said that whether or not people will still be able to smoke outdoors at Zeitgeist and other city establishments will be actually determined by the definition of the word "incidental." Basically, people can still smoke if the food there is just "incidental." But what the hell does that mean?

Hrushow had no idea.

We looked it up, and we gotta say, if DPH is going by the second definition, things aren't looking great for Zeitgeist. Those burgers definitely aren't flying off the grill by chance. 

But Hrushow said that DPH is going through "a rule-making process" right now, and it seems possible that they might come up with some alternate meaning for the word in question.

"It's a complex piece of legislation," she said. "I really don't know how they're going to define 'incidental food.'"

Incidentally, this process will be open to the public.

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