Can You Stay off the Cell Phone, Twitter, and Facebook for 24 Hours?

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Travis Isaacs
First one's always free, kid
"Three thousand years of beautiful tradition, from Moses to Sandy Koufax -- you're goddamn right I'm living in the fucking past!" -- Walter Sobchak.

Starting Friday evening, a campaign largely spread via Twitter, Facebook, and all things new media wants you to do something counter-intuitive. It wants you to log off from Twitter, Facebook, and all things new media. Close your laptop. Stop checking your e-mail. Leave the house without your cell phone -- intentionally. Interact with real people -- for a whole 24 hours. No, there's no app for that.

This 24-hour period of Luddite zen is the "Sabbath Manifesto," a project of the Jewish think-tank Reboot. But, just like Levy's Jewish Rye, you don't need to be Jewish to enjoy the benefits of putting away the goddamn iPhone for a spell and looking your significant other in the eye when he or she is talking again.

Reboot is a New York-based organization -- but they've got their eye on you, San Francisco. It's you they're thinking of when they ... you're not paying attention, are you. You're checking into Foursquare. See what we're talking about?

"People get on their laptops, they're surrounded by technology, and they go on Facebook and say 'I'm at this cafe!'" said Tanya Schevitz, Reboot's San Francisco program coordinator (if you recognize her name, it might be the 12 years she spent at the Chronicle. Thanks for reading!). "In the olden days, people would bring sick friends soup. Now they post on Facebook: 'Sorry you're sick.'"

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