Newsom Announces Lt. Gov Candidacy in Old Media Blitz. Sorry Twitter.

Going, going, Gavin...
Does it ever feel like Gavin Newsom only comes back to San Francisco to say he's leaving? There's the mayor this minute on KTVU Channel 2 speaking at a mile a minute confirming the worst-kept secret since Liberace's sexuality: He's running for lieutenant governor.

So far, Newsom has announced he's "1,000 percent committed" to the lieutenant governor's post to anyone with a microphone and camera in his vicinity. It's a new tack for the man who, famously and cutely, announced his candidacy for governor via Twitter.

Based on Newsom's Gilbert and Sullivan-paced interview that just wrapped up on Channel 2, he's learned a lot about what the lieutenant governor does since he was caught on film admitting he didn't know what the office's function was (he now says he was being facetious).

Newsom now apparently sees the lt. gov position as the method of solving all the problems that have eluded him -- and to be fair, everyone -- locally. Muni's in the dumper? Well, they could use a strong advocate in Sacramento to keep those hundreds of millions of dollars from being taken away (a situation in which the mayor who oversaw the augmentation of the "work orders" draining Muni's budget storming to the capital to demand money not be yanked from transit -- well, that's rich.).

Newsom also feels he can pressure the state to stop yanking money from education. If he can, more power to him. He'll be single-handedly reversing a decades-long trend.

In any event, if you follow Gavin exclusively through his Twitter feed, you're blissfully ignorant of his latest political endeavor:


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