Never Cry Wolf -- In North Beach?

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Dogs, Fire 003.jpg
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File this one in the "You don't see that every day" category. Unless, of course, you're David Stahl. If you're him, then you see your pair of wolf-malamute mixes jaunting about the city.

That's "Lobo" above -- he's got a head the size of an anvil and weighs in at 220 pounds. "The little one," as Stahl puts it, is "Osa." She's a svelte 160 pounds. That's 380 pounds of wolf dog right there.

Dogs, Fire 001.jpg
Osa, "the little one" on the left, is 160 pounds. Big Lobo is 220.

Stahl, a Humboldt County resident, is a frequent visitor at Caffe Trieste, and his massive pets test the carrying capacity of the city's parking meters, as he ties them up when he sits outside and enjoys his cup of Joe.

And while the canine-lupine siblings were big enough to cause plenty of trouble, it was their much tinier friend who made more noise when we were around:

Dogs, Fire 007.jpg
All bark, no bite. Thank God.

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