Look Kids! A Reel-To-Reel!

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Garbage. Nostalgia. All of the above.
It's not every day you wander across such visceral nostalgia strewn on city streets. Wait, check that. In this city, it is.

The above reel-to-reel, constructed during an era when every piece of electronic equipment needed both knobs and levers, analog readouts, and wood, was a staple of everyone's father or grandfather's AV repertoire.

Specifically, this is a Teac A1250 S -- you can buy the instruction manual here for $9.95, or the item itself here for just four cents more. Since that eBay 10 dollar reel-to-reel is in sparkling condition, you can see why the above technological refugee found its way to an Inner Sunset sidewalk. Still, 15 minutes after this photo was snapped, it was gone.

And, finally, here's one more treat for those indulging in the joys of archaic tech:
Actual digit-counters!
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