It's Lights Out Saturday Night on Golden Gate Bridge for 'Earth Hour'

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Don't be scared, though. Seriously!

The Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District is doing its part to celebrate "Earth Hour" from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. Saturday, March 27, by joining electricity-users around the world in shutting off all "non-essential" lighting. If you're anything like we fear-mongering reporters at The Snitch, this may strike you as ominous: Aren't most lights on a major ocean-spanning bridge sort of, well, essential?

Not to worry, says Golden Gate district spokeswoman Mary Currie. Only the "decorative" tower floodlights that cast the bridge in picturesque night-time illumination will be switched off. The road-level lights will remain on, she said. "Every year this gets blown out of proportion," Currie said in exasperation when we called her. "We don't 'turn the lights off.' We can't do that."

She continued, "Our name gets thrown around because we're a landmark. ... I gave up about two years ago trying to say, 'It's just the decorative tower lighting,' but it's just the decorative tower lighting. All of the 128 roadway lights remain on. It's not that noticeable."

Fair enough. We're sure it also won't be that noticeable if we stay away from the dark and scary bridge, opting instead for an evening drinking Budweiser and doing donuts in the empty AT&T Park parking lot.

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