Jumper Talked Down From Lefty O'Doul Bridge

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Alexia Tsotsis
An apparently suicidal man has ascended the Lefty O'Doul Bridge next to AT&T Park and is purportedly threatening to take his own life.

While the bridge is only a few yards over Mission Creek, the man is "not threatening to jump into the water," according to San Francisco Police Department spokesman Officer Boaz Marilies.

The man has ascended the superstructure of the bridge, several stories over the pavement below. Police on the scene say they "have no choice but to wait him out." 

More as we know more.

Update, 12:35 p.m.: Mariles says the man "is not jumping. He's apparently doing silly things up there." By "silly things," Mariles means "dancing." The police continue to wait him out.

Update, 12:41 p.m.: Web editor Alexia Tsotsis reports the man, who at one point danced and "spread his arms like Jesus" is descending from the bridge after being talked down by a tactical police officer outfitted in a Johnny Unitas throwback jersey.

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Alexia Tsotsis
  Update 1:20 p.m.: Perhaps the largest convocation of cops to gather in the vicinity of Third and King since the climactic scene of Magnum Force broke up moments ago. The police successfully talked down a would-be jumper described as a "well-known area homeless person" in his 30s. Captain Dan McDonagh described the man as being in "an altered mental state."

The would-be jumper was slowly taken down from atop the bridge in a hook and ladder truck's basket and whisked off in an ambulance, likely to San Francisco General Hospital.

The police tactical team also included snipers stationed within the China Basin Building, across the road from AT&T park "just in case" the man had been planning some sort of attack, confirmed a police officer on the scene. As SWAT team members filed out carrying heavy black cases, the officer noted the contents "aren't violins."

Alexia Tsotsis
Alexia Tsotsis
Alexia Tsotsis
Alexia Tsotsis
Alexia Tsotsis

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