Got Botox? Jon Stewart Razzes Pelosi On (Not) Raising Eyebrows.

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New York Representative Charles Rangel may have saved face for the Democrats by stepping down from his committee post this week. But Jon Stewart took the the opportunity to joke about the literal face of our dear Congresswoman on the Daily Show this week.

Ah, Nancy Pelosi's face -- so set in stone it's as if she were auditioning for Mount Rushmore. While Pelosi denies having had plastic surgery at all, there's no question that her birthdays keep coming while her face doesn't show any sign of admitting it. We wrote a story on the Pelosi taut-face phenomenon back in 2007, in which a plastic surgery expert told us that, indeed, she looked a little too good for her age.

In his comedy skit yesterday, Stewart showed news footage of Pelosi declaring that Rangel's indiscretion in accepting corporate sponsored trips to the Caribbean "was a violation of a rule of the House. It was not anything the jeopardized our country in any way." (Start watching at the 5:25 mark.) At one point in the footage, it even appeared that Pelosi attempted to raise her eyebrows ... almost.

"What?!" Stewart screeched. "So violations of the House ethics rules don't jeopardize our country in any way? Does Botox also paralyze your moral compass?"

Daaang. Then Stewart went on to say "I may know why Pelosi went easy on him," and showed a composite photo in which Pelosi appears in a sarong and bikini top next to a sleeping Rangel on the beach of the Dominican Republic. Hopefully, she's wearing SPF 45. Word has it Botox and the tropic sun don't mix.
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