Holding Out on Jerry Brown -- Until He's More Like Gavin

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Jer's not getting any from Uppity Fag until he puts out ... some real action
Over the weekend I joined (yet one more) Facebook group - The LGBT Community for Jerry Brown.  I joined so I could keep an eye on him and on the LGBT community.

The gays have a tendency to fawn for any politician with "-D" after their name like that letter is enough to deliver us from evil. The gays give it away too easily. They never learn. All angles of the political spectrum play political games with our citizenry and for some unknown reason (desperation, perhaps?) we don't play back. 

We need to push our "fierce advocates" a bit harder. We need to get a bit demanding. We need to be downright uppity. That pressure needs to be evident early in a campaign and Jerry Brown's run for governor of California started late. We have no time to waste.

In a recent interview with the San Jose Mercury News, Brown's likely Republican competition, Meg Whitman, reiterated her support of Proposition 8. She also made a remark that is completely ridiculous. Whitman "approves letting gays adopt because 'many kids need a great home'" but she doesn't believe that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry.

Isn't that a little bit fucking ridiculous? How is that statement reconciled with the right wing religious zealot family values claptrap that her political party embraces? She really wants children to be adopted by gays and live in their "great homes" but she doesn't think those parents should be legally married?

Jerry Brown better not let this glorious opportunity pass. Her logic is so completely flawed and disingenuous that he MUST seize the moment and ram her illogic down her throat. He must not act like other Democrats and simply pose as a friend of the gays, but utterly fail at being a coherent and literate defender of us.

Obama was adept at using the right language to woo LGBT voters. But his actions have not matched the ferocity of his flirting. He got us to second base during the election and left us all worked up and juicy after he got in the White House. Thanks for the blue balls, President Tease.

The one Democrat that has proven to be a reliable defender of the LGBT community is Gavin Newsom. He is our homey. He gets it even though in his own mind he has paid a price for his support. In an interview with Maureen Dowd he whined about "never imagining 4,036 couples getting married" and thinking he would never get re-elected Mayor. Now he has to settle for presumably being the lieutenant governor instead of governor. When he is elected, I hope he'll start to wear a do-rag and have a tear drop tattooed next to one of his eyes just to show he's still representing.

So, Jer, whats it gonna be? You can't just count on our support only because you refuse to defend Prop 8 in federal court. That is pretty bold, but you also have to hold Pig Whitman accountable for her incoherence. Are you going to sweet talk us to get in our pants but ejaculate prematurely like Obama did or are you willing to lay the brass ones on the line, like Gav?
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