It's Your Petite Friday Morning News Quiz -- With a Prize

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Sorry, the other pictures would have given away the answers
It's even more simple than the answer to the question, "Is Gavin Newsom gonna run for lieutenant governor?" Answer the five questions correctly, send me the answers here, and you win a little prize. Comprende?

1. Who is Deborah J. Madden?

A. The woman who dropped out of the District 8 supervisor's race to take a job in Houston
B. The woman who allegedly snorted the cocaine she should have been testing in the cops' crime lab
C. The woman who drove her car into the 7-11 on Ocean Avenue and demanded a bottle of liquor
D. The woman who made the first donation to Newsom's lieutenant governor campaign

2. San Francisco was recently named the nation's second-craziest city. Who's crazier?

A. New York City
B. Cincinnati
C. New Orleans
D. Bakersfield

3. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled what to be constitutional this week?

A. Sweet 'n' Lo
B. "Under God"
C. Pay-Per-View
D. Live-Work lofts

4. Gavin Newsom asked hopefuls for what city post to e-mail him and make their pitch?

A. City gardeners
B. Municipal Transit Agency Board
C. Mayor
D. Mayor's apprentice

5. Speaking of lieutenant governor, who is the acting lieutenant governor anyway?

A. Keith Relf
B. Jim McCarty
C. Mona Pasquil
D. Chris Dreja



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