It's Your Friday Morning News Quiz!

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Yeah, we want to fly through that airport!
It's easy, friends! Just answer the five questions correctly, send us an e-mail and you win a damn prize. What could be better?

1. Which of the following isn't featured in San Francisco International Airport's wicked new ad?

A. The Brown twins!
B. A flight attendant on a scooter!
C. Gavin Newsom, official greeter of San Francisco!
D. A musical number titled "I Wanna Go to SFO"!

2. What Bay Area School scored an upset in the first round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament on Thursday?

A. St. Mary's
B. Santa Clara
C. Cal
D. Stanford

3. Would-be Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina released an ad portraying Sen. Barbara Boxer as what?

A. A pig
B. A blimp
C. A witch
D. A terrorist
Bart Train.jpg
What the hell just broke?
4. What was the name of the device that sheared in half, resulting in a BART train separating into five- and four-car segments in the transbay tunnel?

A. The flux capacitor
B. The yoke assembler
C. The coupling grappler
D. The spring integrator

5. Why did San Francisco's Nicholas Chaykovsky fail to add his name to the state's sex offender registry?

A. He claims he's being mistaken for another Nicholas Chaykovsky
B. He's protesting the city's enforcement of Jessica's Law
C. He was picked up after somehow registering as "Chaykovsky Nicholas"
D. He's dead

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