San Francisco Cops Nab Accused Caffeinated Thief

Categories: Crime
If Joltin' Joe had witnessed this alleged crime against coffee, the cops would never have been bothered...
Far be it for us to give alleged thieves advice on their alleged thievery. But a police report out of Ingleside did give us pause.

According to the cops, a man was recently caught in the act on the 3300 block of Mission. The man's alleged crime: Filching "numerous instant coffee products."

Again, far be it for us to reference the agonizing "gourmet shit" coffee scene in Pulp Fiction. But, if you're going to go to the trouble of breaking the law, why not try to filch some gourmet shit?   

The alleged instant coffee thief was arrested, cited, and released.

His case is now percolating through the San Francisco criminal justice system.

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