Ingrate Couple -- and Their Dog -- Find Innovative New Way to Slow Down Muni

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Jim Herd
It came from Muni...
God knows Muni doesn't need any help being slow. But, thanks to the eclectic folks it serves, sometimes it gets it anyway.

Take a Sunday afternoon incident on the bus at 30th and Mission. Ozzie, Harriet, and their unmuzzled, unleashed dog skulked onto the bus. Paying? That's for squares, man. When asked to participate in this exchange of goods and services most of us accept as part of the social contract, the couple became verbally aggressive. By the way -- during all of this the bus ain't moving. You could hardly forgive he passengers for going Travis Bickle here. But wait -- it gets even more Muni than this.

After a Muni inspector showed up, Harriet decided to claim she'd been manhandled, and insisted on executing a citizen's arrest of the inspector. Apparently "Because you're a ridiculous, goddamn ingrate" isn't reason enough for a cop to dismiss such an action out of hand. A police officer arriving on the scene "accepted the arrest."

After interviewing other bus passengers -- who must have been really thrilled by this point -- the officer "determined the accusation to be false and released the inspector," according to a subsequent police report.

At this point, the charming couple and their cur were allowed to walk away, with their tails between their legs. Which is exactly what the driver asked them to do in the first place.

All that was wasted were riders' afternoons, the dignity of a Muni inspector, and a cop's time. No biggie, right?  

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