'Impulsive Pride' Led to Mirkarimi Pool Dunk While Wearing Business Attire

Mirkarimi waterslide 02.jpg
Jim Herd
Ross Mirkarimi said he just couldn't help himself...
Donning a white, button-up shirt and khaki pants, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi was not exactly dressing down. But, considering the context, he was pretty dressed-up: Sliding down a yellow waterslide and splashing into a pool.

It's not every day you see an elected official hit the waterslide fully clothed and wearing an outfit befitting a dude in a Dockers ad. But that's just what Mirkarimi did at the grand opening for the Hamilton Pool in the Western Addition. Why? "Impulsive pride," answered the supervisor.

"I was just so proud we arrived at the day of cutting the ribbon and opening up a rec center that has meant so much to so many people for nearly 60 years," he gushed. "The pool has got to be the best in the city with really cool waterslides -- and it just made me want to do it. So I inaugurated the waterslide."

Mirkarimi put his valuables into his shoes, and hit the waterslide for its maiden run. No, he did not have a change of clothes handy. Yes, he had two more political events to attend that day.

After meeting and greeting a bit more at Hamilton while soaking wet, Mirkarimi ran to his car, drove home, and changed clothes. He headed to a community meeting, then met with "somebody looking to run for office, looking for my advice." When informed of the inherent hilarity of a man who had just jumped into a pool fully clothed offering advice political or otherwise, Mirkarimi laughed and said "C'mon, they didn't know."

Mirkarimi waterslide 01.jpg
Jim Herd
Mirkarimi breaks the slide in with its maiden run. It was also the first fully clothed run.

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