Murder Charge Possible In Death of Elderly Beating Victim Huan Chen

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Earlier this week, we reported on the unpleasant case of Huan Chen. The 83-year-old man was attacked on the street at 1625 Oakdale back on Jan. 24. According to the San Francisco police, the attack landed Chen in General Hospital. And he never left -- he died on Friday.

Yet declaring this a homicide is not so simple. The Medical Examiner's office told SF Weekly that Chen's autopsy has already been undertaken. Yet ruling if his death was tied to his long-ago beating will take several weeks or more.
If the Medical Examiner does indeed rule that Chen's death was linked to a battery sustained months before, it would hark to a San Francisco murder case of yesteryear.

In 2009, 63-year-old Helen Canafax died of a pulmonary embolism several weeks after having her hip broken during a mugging. The ME eventually ruled it to be a homicide, determining that, if not for her severe injury, she never would have suffered the fatal blood clot.

Chen's attacker or attackers remain at large.

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