Local Pot Club Supplier Made Purported $200K a Year

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Role models?
For readers thinking of a career change, here's toke for thought: If you become a supplier to local pot clubs, you can apparently make around $200,000 per year.

According to a federal forfeiture complaint for more than $800,000 cash belonging to alleged pot club supplier Avery Badenhop of Petaluma, it's possible to earn between $15,000 and $17,000 per month supplying clubs in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley.

marin pot bust.pdf

Badenhop was making his rounds dropping off bags of the green at the Berkeley Patients Group, Harborside Health Center in Oakland, and Divinity Tree in the Tenderloin, when he was stopped for speeding on I-580 in Marin County.

Before long, cops had found bags of Marijuana, safes full of cash, a Browning 9mm semi-automatic pistol, and other detritus from grow operations in houses operated by Badenhop, his wife, and four other co-conspirators/compassionate-community-providers.

We wish them all well. But we weren't so interested in the fact they got busted -- surely that risk was accounted for in their business plan -- as the income figures the U.S. Attorneys Office provided in its forfeiture complaint.

Badenhop's wife, Jerri Bionda, told an officer her husband netted between $15,000 and $17,000 per month supplying Bay Area pot clubs. They'd apparently saved or invested much of the money. One closet safe, and another in their attic contained $760,680. They meanwhile had bank accounts containing $41,724.

That rate of pay is still behind the more than $300,000 average annual income earned by a physician in prescribing pain medicine, according to figures compiled by Salary.com.

But -- good news for compassionate community job seekers -- it's way more than the $110,000 or so earned by the average pharmacist.

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