Gunshot Victim Receives Explanation From Confused Attacker

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A Visitacion Valley man didn't get an apology from the stranger who shot him in the leg, but he did get an admission that mistakes were made. It takes a big man to admit he's made a mistake -- but it's uncertain how the shooting victim feels about that right now.

On Monday afternoon, a the Viz Valley man stood smoking outside his home on the 400 block of Argonaut. His cigarette break was cut short, however, by a black teenager aged 15 to 17 who walked up to the smoker and shot him, once, in the leg.

After the smoker crumbled to the ground, the shooter uttered, "I thought you were someone else."

The police report does not disclose what, if anything, the shooting victim had to say about that. His injury was described as "non-life threatening."

You know what is life-threatening? Smoking. If ever you wanted a story to scare the kids or a significant other into quitting the habit -- there you go.

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