Guardian: A Vote for Condo Project is a Vote Against Abortion Rights!

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Not just a building -- a Trojan Horse for right-wing, anti-San Francisco values!
According to an editorial in this week's Bay Guardian, a proposed 400-foot condo tower next to the Transamerica Building should be rejected by the Planning Commission on the merits. The paper then devotes most of its rant advancing a meritless emotional argument designed to turn liberal San Franciscans against the proposed development.

The gist of the Guardian's "logic" is this: The developers will make money from this project (how dare they want to turn a profit!). These developers have donated money to conservative causes and Republicans (they also give to Democrats, but whatever). The heart of the argument actually seems to be that the developers will take the money they make from this project -- and use it for evil! 

Here's an excerpt from the editorial:

So here we are in Democratic San Francisco ... preparing to give a huge financial gift to a pair out out-of-town companies that share their wealth with right-wing Republicans. Of course, it's no surprise that a real estate developer would support Republican candidates -- and it's no surprise an insurance company would be working against health care reform. And if the city granted or denied building permits based on the politics of the applicant, there'd be serious legal consequences (and there should be). These things ought to be decided on the merits.
Mm-hmm. Riiiight. But the screed expends plenty of ink explaining why this project shouldn't be considered on just the merits. Approving it, the Guardian warns, will lead to vast riches being devoted "to opposing health-care reform and opposing abortion rights and electing right-wing Republicans." Hey, but city officials shouldn't deny a permit "based on the politics of the applicant," wink, wink.

The Guardian's histrionics tell us that no-growth lefties are worried about what the Planning Commission will do today.

The commission should stick to the land-use policy issues raised by the proposed condo tower -- period. Otherwise, as the Guardian itself suggests, those evil Republican developers would have the foundation for a lawsuit against the city.

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