Bleeding Soccer Player May Have Teammate to Thank

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You can't beat the character-building element of team sports
The transcendent elegance of Pele's World Cup-dominating Brazilian squads led to what must be the greatest nickname for any sport: "The beautiful game."

Sometimes it doesn't work that way. Take this game gone wrong in Crocker Amazon Park on Sunday: Shortly before noon, police responded to an instance of a football match breaking out during a brawl.

Most of the combatants had made themselves scarce by the time the armed referees showed up, save for one gentleman bleeding from a cut above his right eye. The bleeding footballer acknowledged that a melee had broken out between his team and another. But as for who gave him the literal red card, it's a mystery: "The victim stated he did not know if he was punched by a member of the other team or one of his own teammates."

Kind of makes you want to get out on a Sunday and put on a uniform, doesn't it?

The incident report sardonically concludes that officers "received little cooperation from others in the park and on the field at the time of the incident."

Oh well. Could have been worse. This could have happened. Or this. Or this. Or, especially, this.

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