If Facebook Tied to Syphilis -- What Diseases Linked to Other Sites?

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You don't even have to leave the Internet to find syphilis on Facebook...
According to British researchers, Facebook users get a new friend, just like MySpace users get "Tom." That friend? Syphilis. Simply put, users of the site met lots of interesting folks, "friended" them, and, Step Three, syphilis.

It got us thinking: What diseases can you manage to glean from other Web sites?

Myspace: Gonorrhea -- older school and not as trendy as syphilis.

Friendster: Rubella -- no one gets rubella anymore. No one's on Friendster. Coincidence?

Twitter: Diarrhea, of course.

SFgov.org: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

New York Times: Mr. Chlamydia or Mrs. HPV.

ESPN: Jock itch, naturally.

Yahoo: Lycanthropy

The Smoking Gun: Tracey Gold's Disease

YouTube: I don't know, but it looks horrible!

Google: All of them.

Digg: We're not sure -- but it's a disease we've submitted to get, too.

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