DPW Workers Caught Parking, Yapping in Bus Zone

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What, again?
Last year, a camera-wielding civilian sent SF Weekly photos of a cop parked in the bus zone near Mission and 20th, ordering his delicious lunch at Pete's Barbecue. For you and me, that's a $250 fine; for the cops it's an admonishment for making the SFPD look bad.

Of course, a police officer has a reasonable excuse for not wandering too far from his or her car -- if an emergency call comes in, you've got to get going in a hurry. For Department of Public Works employees, the same is not exactly the case.

DPW spokeswoman Christine Falvey confirmed that this isn't supposed to happen.

"We have a vehicle policy," she said. "You're supposed to park legally at all times."

The same shutterbug as last year caught these gents parked in the bus zone and talking extensively -- possibly about work, but possibly about the Giants or the latest fare at ACT. We just don't know. Just about all we do know is that they weren't ordering their lunch at Pete's -- which would have looked even worse.

Falvey noted that DPW employees will receive a reminder about where to park -- or not park -- at their next "Safety Tailgate" weekly seminar.

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