Chron Not Making Money, But Doing MORE With LESS (Or So It Says)

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Sorry Chron. This is still our favorite Chronic.
At a Society of Professional Journalists forum at the San Francisco Public Library last night, Chronicle president Mark Adkins said his paper is "not making money today" but that "we think we are going to be fine overall for the year."

"Thank goodness we are not losing a million dollars a week today," he said. Adkins also highlighted the fact that the paper had a profitable fourth quarter last year. 

When asked how the paper's quality had been affected by last year's multiple rounds of  layoffs, Adkins said, "It's not always about the quantity of people that you employ, it's about the quality of the product."

"I may be a little biased," he said. "I think it's a better paper today than it was a year ago and than it was a few years ago," he said.

You heard that right: the Chronicle is doing MORE with LESS! Now, Adkins didn't use that particular management-speak crutch. He didn't say it. He just meant it.

Last night's panel on local news featured a dozen panelists, including Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums, and drew a crowd of about 70 people. It marked the one-year anniversary of an under-attended panel last March on the imminent death of the Chronicle.

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